Talent & Character

A wise man once said, “Do not prostitute your grace.” The same intellect that is used for good may also be used for evil. It’s a choice what you do with it.

Talents, gifts and intellect are amoral. They work tirelessly in service of whatever platform employs them. That is why it is cheeky to assume that because something works, God blessed it. If your intention is wrong, if your character is called into question, if your moral boundary shifts in pursuit of a goal, perhaps you shouldn’t use success as justification for its appropriateness.

Sometimes, I get frustrated working on values based projects. (I figure there are enough brilliant people working for the Devil so I need to focus on my own Master’s business.) But, it’s been hard. People you expect to have a sense of urgency, do not. It’s as if there’s a cloud over their eyes. Drumming up support is excruciatingly slow. I now understand what the Bible means when it states that it is God who gives the seeing eye and the hearing ear. Insight and revelation come from God. You cannot understand what has not been given to you.

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