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I’m a creative strategist, social media denizen and sapiosexual. I’m okan shosho araba to n mi igbo kijikiji – a single mighty tree whose influence is felt throughout the forest.






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Pastor, Find Your Humanity

As a reformed Choleric, now would be a good time to remind my fellow driven individuals to find their humanity before it is too late. Do not let tragedy, failure or the loss of a friendship remind you that emotions, love and relationships are incredibly important....

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Giftings & Character

I am deeply troubled by the stories of rape and abuse in the Church, on my social media timeline. I am reminded that personal morality is man's responsibility and those who outsource it to the "anointing" are delusional. Elisha was a child murderer yet a Prophet. (His...

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Dangers Of Mentoring

Unless they are life coaches, therapists or very wise, many mentors cannot help their mentees to see multiple paths to their life goals. Usually, the mentors can only model what they know - their own paths and decisions. Unfortunately, those things may not be right...

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About My Book


Unscripted is an insightful and humorous challenge to popular thinking. 

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@Omojuwa The first time I realised @yemialadee's continental reach was on vacation in Tanzania. I visited a spice farm and the farmer mentioned he knew Nigeria grew Cassava because he saw it in a Yemi Alade video.

About 2 hours ago from Subomi's Twitter via Twitter for Android

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