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I am passionate about providing opportunities. It stems from the frustration of seeing so many honest, hardworking and excellent people in Nigeria go unrewarded. I want to do something to fix that. Effort ought to be compensated. Values should be celebrated. When people work hard, they should not go hungry or feel unfulfilled.

Subomi Plumptre

Tandem Network

Tandem Network is a series of events building bridges between senior executives, entrepreneurs and managers. Learn more.

Subomi Plumptre Fellowship

Subomi Plumptre Fellowship mentors and networks exceptional young Nigerians. Learn more.

Educational Grants

Educational grants are provided to organisations working with brilliant street kids and orphans.

Project 10k

Project 10k offers free investment literacy courses to 10,000 hardworking middle-class Nigerians. Learn More.


I deeply hate injustice. It is one of the few things that makes me cry. When I see the odds stacked against everyday people who are just trying to survive, it propels me to do something to help.

Subomi Plumptre

Legal Aid

Legal aid costs are underwritten for organisations providing representation to women and children. Also, organisations assisting prisoners awaiting trial or serving sentences for non-violent offences.

Hospital Bills

Hospital bills are paid for patients who cannot go home because they are unable to settle outstanding fees.


Advocacy initiatives that focus on progressive policies are supported.


Culture is everything. It affects how a society reasons, behaves and evolves. If you want to understand why a country is progressing or not, look at its strongly held values. If we do not actively engage Nigeria’s endemic cultural underpinnings, we may not move forward.

Subomi Plumptre

Culture Conversation

Culture Conversation interrogates existing cultural narratives in Africa. Then, using research-backed education, civic and media engagements, the project promotes values that are important for national growth.


Unfiltered documents stories of contemporary faith to provoke honesty, independent thinking and unvarnished conversations.


Strategic media content investments.


Every year, I actively drive a few social causes that are dear to my heart. They keep me grounded and remind me of what’s important in life.

Subomi Plumptre

Tandem [tan-duhm]: "If one thing happens or is done in tandem with another thing, the two things happen at the same time."

Tandem Network is an initiative of the Subomi Plumptre Trust. It is a series of events building bridges between senior executives, entrepreneurs and managers.

As the name suggests, the events leverage the networking power of two complementary groups - Africans and the Diaspora. They also attract individuals who place emphasis on values and not only achievements.

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Project 10k provides a grant of 10,000 slots in Subomi Plumptre’s investment course to middle class Nigerians. The in-kind grant is currently valued at N310,000,000 ($800,000).

The goal of the project is to create a critical mass of financially independent citizens who have a history of social or civic contributions.

The expected outcome of the project is 50% of participants attaining a minimum level of financial independence of about 50% in 3 years. Financial independence is a situation where an individual’s return on investment can sufficiently cover their daily expenses. These individuals will be encouraged to pay-it-forward by lifting others in their communities.

Project 10k

Culture Conversation is an ongoing push to elevate positive values on a national scale. Specific areas of intervention include education, media and religion.

The expected outcome is raising a critical mass of individuals who are empowered to build nations that prioritize citizen mobility, progress and well-being.

Culture Conversation

Unfiltered curates contemporary stories of faith. It provides a bridge for people to meet God, through interactions with real life experiences. Learn More.



Subomi Plumptre Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees. Members are active signatories to all financial accounts and regularly review reports on the activities of the organisation. The Trust is audited by an independent accounting firm and the Secretary to the Board serves as the Trust's legal counsel.  

Kola Oyeneyin

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Kola Oyeneyin is the Chairman of Subomi Plumptre Trust. He is the Founder/CEO of Venia Group, a venture creation and development company recognised as one of “The 100 Companies to Inspire Africa” by The London Stock Exchange Group. Kola is also the Founder of AutoGenius, Nigeria’s first digital auto insurance platform and winner of Business Day’s “100 Fastest Growing SMEs in Nigeria 2018” award.

Kola is passionate about investing in people and is a speaker and trainer on several platforms and on multiple subject matters. A firm believer in the need for young people to inspire and lead change in Nigeria, he founded SleevesUp Youth Empowerment Foundation and GenVoices, an organization to prepare young people for political engagement. GenVoices has over 49 chapters across the world and is endorsed by the United Nations.

Ifeoma Malo

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Ifeoma Malo is the CEO of Clean Technology Hub Energy Innovation Centre and Country Campaign Director for Power for All in Nigeria. She leads the Nigerian campaign to promote Distributed Renewable Energy in Nigeria and is one of the country's leading energy access experts.

Ms. Malo has held Senior Policy Advisory positions on Energy Policies, Regulations and Partnerships at the Ministry of Power in Nigeria, where she led a number of policy and partnership initiatives for the Nigerian Power Sector. She held similar senior advisory portfolios with the Chairman/CEO of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC).

Ifeoma Malo is a qualified attorney with graduate degrees in Law, Business and Public Policy. She is an African Leadership Initiative PIA Fellow (2012); A Desmond Tutu Fellow (2013); a Crans Montana New Leaders for Tomorrow Fellow (2014); A Dwight Eisenhower Fellow (2015) and Global Leadership Academy Fellow (2017). She sits on Non-Profit Boards including Green Peace International (GPI), West Africa Power Industry Convention (WAPIC) and Future Energy Nigeria.

Yemisi Ogunlade

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Yemisi Ogunlade is a process driven Administrative and Human Resource Management professional with an outstanding track record of developing solutions and creating organisational structure. A trained lawyer with cross-cultural professional experience, Yemisi’s greatest motivations are the constant pursuit of operational excellence and a desire to bring out the best in people. Yemisi’s underpinning value system revolves around a solid work ethic, integrity, and professionalism. She believes that it is okay not only to challenge the norm, but to define it.

An avid bargain junkie, Yemisi is a not-so-typical wife to her husband of many years and is a mum to two children who often imagine they are the ‘parents’ (only for very brief moments in time).

Abdulkareem Alabi

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Abdulkareem Alabi (DJ) is an Engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry. His extensive resume includes work with Mott MacDonald, Technip-Coflexip, Saibos/Sofresid, Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, FMC Technologies, Total-Fina Elf and Telnet Nigeria Ltd.

Abdulkareem completed an international assignment to ENI Angola Sp. as a Controls Lead on a multinational team, spread across three continents and nine locations. The team designed, constructed and tested the world’s latest, Full Well-Stream Subsea Multiphase Mud-Line Boosting Station. This landmark project, asides being the youngest entrant to the burgeoning Subsea Processing market globally, is also the first attempted by any subsidiary of the Italian IOC within the last 25-yrs.

Idris Belo-Osagie

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Idris Belo-Osagie is a trained economist with an extensive business consulting background. His core competences are in private equity, risk management and business & financial strategy. He has worked at different times with Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers and MTN, where he managed the revenue assurance team before leaving to join Metis Capital Partners and then TFL Logistics. He is the founder of Armada Associates, a premier negotiation advisory practice.

Idris earned his first degree in Economics & Statistics from the University of Benin and has an MBA from Said Business School, Oxford.

Oyinkansola Alabi

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Oyinkansola Alabi, popularly referred to as the Emotions Doctor, is the lead researcher and facilitator at Emotions City, Africa’s leading emotional intelligence centre and convener of the first Emotional Intelligence Week. She launched ED Negotiations, based on over 15 years of mediation experience, using the tools of emotional intelligence. She brings a nuanced and successful approach to corporate conflict resolution.

Ms. Alabi is a high impact trainer and has taught tens of thousands of executives in organisations such as KPMG, Guinness, Multichoice, Interswitch, First Bank, Stanbic IBTC, FCMB, Alder Consulting and Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Her work has taken her to Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, UAE, United Kingdom and the United States.

Oyinkansola is the first African Master Trainer in Yale University’s RULER approach, a Cornell University trained Human Resource Executive, a Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapist, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and a Six Seconds Network Licensed Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the British Psychological Society.

Nathaniel Adegoke

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Nathaniel Adegoke is a consummate entrepreneur, management consultant and project management professional. He has built successful businesses and worked on project teams across many sectors including financial services, telecoms, aviation, NGOs, and the public service. He is the first APMG approved PRINCE2 trainer in West Africa.

Nathaniel’s last two UK projects before relocating to Nigeria were the popular Building Schools for The Future Program (BSF) of the UK Central Government and Orange Business Services’ SMIMS project. At BSF, he was responsible for $200 million projects. While at Orange, he implemented a cost logic system designed by Accenture that has been adopted as a standard pricing system within the global organisation.

Kathleen Ndongmo

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Kathleen Ndongmo is a passionate entrepreneur, management consultant and active citizen. Her work helps shape the economy and the future of governance in Africa. Throughout her career, her focus has been on value driven projects that impact the bottom line. She possesses an ambidextrous mind that easily switches between creative & rational thinking and has a global outlook and a clear understanding of local & regional issues. For over 15 years, she has held positions of influence in Africa and Europe working in diverse and interesting roles and learning from people with different backgrounds.

Kathleen lives at the edge of risk. She is always keen to deliver impacting solutions to social and business gaps, especially those that provide service quality, change perceptions, influence thought, and add value to customers in ways that may be uncomfortable yet ingenuous. Her greatest passion by far, remains advocating for a just African society where mediocrity is fought and equity for all becomes a reality.

Olanrewaju Olumide

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Olanrewaju Olumide represents Acuity Partners on the Board of Subomi Plumptre Trust. He ensures the legal structure and framework is in line with the best global standards.

Acuity Partners is a legal advisory firm that provides premium & personalised services to Private Clients (individuals & Entrepreneurs), Family Businesses & Offices, Start-ups, SMEs and Cooperatives. The Private Clients team helps individuals to structure their affairs, preserve their wealth and pass them on to generations to come.

Subomi Plumptre

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Subomi Plumptre has a 20-year+ career in strategy, investments and social entrepreneurship. She is the co-founder of the Private Equity firms, Volition Capital Investments Limited (Nigeria) and Volition Blue LLC (USA). She is also a knowledge brand at Subomi Plumptre Inc.

Subomi currently serves on the Boards of Alder Consulting, Venia Technologies, Nigeria Leadership Initiative (NLI), Peter Adegoke Foundation and The Leke Alder Foundation. She is a Songwriter, Author, Blogger and Travel Enthusiast.





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