Terms And conditions

Intellectual Property

Kindly note that no section of Subomi Plumptre’s website, courses, videos, chats, calls, emails, coaching sessions, events or any other expression of her products or content, may be recorded, downloaded or distributed, in any form. Distribution to third parties is a breach of intellectual property. Those in breach will be immediately blacklisted with no option of refund and they may be sued. They will also become ineligible for Subomi Plumptre’s private investment cooperative and future products.


The advice provided by Subomi Plumptre is based on personal experience. It should not be considered professional financial investment advice. It has been prepared without taking into account an extensive analysis of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this advice, you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. If any products or referrals are detailed, you should conduct due diligence of those products or referrals and consider their contents before making any decisions. Where quoted, past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Subomi Plumptre disclaims all and any guarantees, undertakings and warranties, expressed or implied, and shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever (including human or computer error, negligent or otherwise, or incidental or consequential loss or damage) arising out of or in connection with any use of or reliance on the information or advice. The user must accept sole responsibility associated with the use of any material and advice, irrespective of the purpose for which such use or results are applied. The information provided is no substitute for your professional financial advisor’s guidance and recommendations. By accessing the content of the course, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer and agree to be bound by it.

Refund Policy

Products are non-refundable, and participants must endeavour to use them on the dates prescribed. If a participant is not available on those dates, they may transfer their booking to someone else by sending an email instruction with their nominee in copy.


Please note that all one-on-one coaching sessions are with individuals. Participants may not invite additional parties to such sessions.

For group and company coaching sessions, the invitation list will be at the discretion of the group or company.


Participants at Subomi Plumptre’s events give Subomi Plumptre permission and rights to take and use photographs or recordings of participants taken during an activity and to use and sublicense such material for any purpose in print, advertisements, films or videos and online and broadcast presentations of any sort. Where permission is not granted, participants must notify Subomi Plumptre in writing at least 48 hours before participating in an event.

Use of Testimonials

Testimonials about Subomi Plumptre’s products may be used and sublicensed for any purpose in print, advertisements, films or videos and online and broadcast presentations of any sort.

Speaking & Brand Promotions

Kindly note that the use of Subomi Plumptre’s content is limited to the period she has been booked for. A reasonable time frame of an additional week is permitted for post-programme promotions and social media exposure. Pre-programme promotions are also permitted. However, repeated, ongoing and consistent use of Subomi Plumptre’s image, quotations, words, speeches, videos, audio and any other recording is strictly prohibited and is a breach of her intellectual property, unless consent has been expressly given in writing.