My coaching practice covers custom investment planning, product innovation, business strategy and career development.
Investment Planning

During this one-on-one session, I will help you to develop practical steps for growing or protecting your wealth. I will share practical examples and the investment platforms that I use.

Product Innovation

This is a full-day consultation wi­th your team. I’ll clarify your bu­siness model and pro­duct strategy. I’ll also show you where the money is and how to access global market­s.

Business Strategy

My coaching session will help you to interrogate the issues and deal with the challenges of growing a business. It is suitable for existing entrepreneurs and those transitioning from a career to entrepreneurship.

Career Development

My coaching session is for executives and organisations. It explores useful lessons from my 20-year + corporate experience. Participants may ask me anything and I will share personal stories.


My free investment course simplifies investing in Nigeria.


My books - Unscripted, Trinity Plan and The C's of Social Media - are available for purchase.


An intimate dive into my values and a insightful challenge to popular thinking. A deeply personal book about life, love, faith, politics and everything in between.

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Trinity Plan

A 3-step guide for developing a church social media ministry. This book is for Pastors who want to reach young people with the gospel. It’s for Social Media Managers who want to set up sustainable structures. It’s also for Ministers who desire to use social media for outreach purposes.

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C's of Social Media

In The C's of Social Media, you will learn 13 principles for winning online. I begin with the fundamentals where you read about how to express your brand concept online. Then, I show you how to set up a digital media structure and how to handle crises. At the end of the book, you will understand what it is to be authentic, effective and consistent on social media.

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