Some executives have asked how I successfully transitioned from a long corporate career to entrepreneurship. They wonder how I was able to create companies in multiple countries. In addition, how some of those entities became profitable in a year without noise making.

Corporate-to-Entrepreneur (C2E) is an interactive workshop for only 20 executives. It is confidential and addresses the following practical topics:‍

Moving from a corporate job to entrepreneurship.

Starting a business.

Developing a market-ready product or service.

Finding your first set of customers.

Growing organically from sales.

Recruiting your dream team.

Building quick internal processes.

Raising venture funding.

Breaking into international markets.

Additional audience-specific questions.

If Corporate-to-Entrepreneur sounds like something you need right now, then please pre-register for the February 2023 event.

Payment Information: Corporate-to-entrepreneur workshop

Price: N100,000


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