Creative Tolerance & Faith

Creative people without character tend to intellectually rationalise their lack of character. They then become potent tools in the hands of evil, while assuming they are actually doing good. Perhaps, this is Satan’s most brilliant ploy yet – getting Christians to fight his battles in the name of secularism, tolerance and “love”.

Christians cannot be more liberal than Jesus. He gave his life for people and didn’t just fight for their rights. It is impossible to love God without hating the things he also hates; the things that are diametrically opposed to the concept of the Christ. We cannot love men at the expense of enabling their hatred for the one to whom we owe our greatest loyalty – Christ. We cannot love and defend others at the expense of our own family.

Christianity is not a cloak to be worn in spiritually convenient moments. It is not a primer for good living. It is an exchange of life for life. Our lives are no longer our own. We exist to serve God’s purpose and in doing so, we discover ours in brilliant clarity and colour.

A Christianity that does not dictate our worldview is a side gig and not a full time occupation or passion.

A Christianity that does not dictate your worldview is a side gig not a consuming passion. Click To Tweet

We fulfill God's purpose and in doing so, we discover ours in brilliant clarity & colour. Click To Tweet


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