Let me explain something about the quality or lack therein of many social media arguments. They usually go like this:

– You have minimal facts about an issue but post, share or comment because it’s trending, sounds sensational or supports an already existing bias.

– When you are corrected (and facts are presented), you do not acknowledge it because of pride. So you move from the crux of the issue to introducing a completely different element, focusing on a minor facet of the issue or attacking the person’s character or personality. For you, the argument was never about learning or the advancement of knowledge. It was about being right and proving everyone else wrong.

– You chat in an angry sounding tone peppered with insults so your lack of argument begins to sound somewhat like one.

– When all else fails, you leave in a huff but before you do so, you invoke hell, the Bible or if the person is a woman, her relationship status.

On social media, there are many right thinking people who follow arguments but don’t comment. But, they are quietly forming opinions. It is for their sake that I wade into some silly arguments so as to present a credible side for them to consider. Also, if you come against a friend or mentor, I will jump in swiftly. Loyalty ensures that I do not turn a blind eye.