Product Coaching

My product coaching is a one-day consulting deep dive with your team. Using my proprietary product development framework, I will help you to clarify your business model and product strategy. In essence, I will show you where the money is and how to access markets.​‍

We will co-design your product for organic growth and for venture funding. We will also explore grants, competitions and other sources of funding available to you depending on the stage of your business.​‍

We will draw up a preliminary action plan for your product rollout or expansion.

‍The session is better done in-person than remotely, and I can be available anywhere in the world. But a remote option is possible.

Why you Should Book my Product Coaching​

I have 20 years of corporate experience as a Product Lead and Business Executive.

I have grown companies organically from sales.

I earned first prize in a venture funding competition. I've also served as a judge for global competitions and know how to prepare products for incubators and accelerators.

I founded businesses in multiple countries. I understand how to access global markets.

I now sit on the venture funding side of the table as a Private Equity investor. I am aware of what investors look for in a business.

To see some of the companies I've built and worked for, please view my LinkedIn profile.

How to Book My Product Coaching​

To book a one-day session with me, please click here.

Logistical Information​

Sessions in Texas, USA and Lagos, Nigeria will attract no additional costs. Clients will bear the logistics of sessions in other cities.​

The venue in any location will be provided by the client. Please refer to the full Terms & Conditions.

Need More Information?

You may book a 30-minute call to discuss whether my product coaching is suitable for you. Please schedule one here.