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Investment Courses

My investment courses are your definitive guide to investing in Nigeria. Although my investment insights will remain free online, my courses go deeper. For instance, learn about where I invest and the professionals I use. Design personal or family investment plans. Ask questions during one-on-one discussions. 

During my courses, I share information that is not available to my online audience. Now, here’s what you get in more detail:    

Introduction to Investing Course   

1. Instructional Videos & Audio Notes That Cover the Following:   

  • Foundational principles of investing
  • Financial indices you should track regularly
  • How to identify your risk profile
  • How to set up an investment account and important documentation you will need 
  • Professional advisors you should know
  • Strategies for meeting living expenses through investment returns
  • The role of insurance in safeguarding wealth
  • Why you need a digital will
  • The issue of currency risk and devaluation
  • International investment options and Dollar denominated income opportunities 

Note that you can watch the videos for up to 8 weeks.   

2. My Chat Group   

  • Here, you can ask questions and discuss what you’ve learned.  

Seven Investment Options in Nigeria Course

 1. Videos & Audio Notes on the Following: 

a. How and where to invest:

  • Money market (treasury bills and money market funds)
  • Capital market (bonds, equity funds and shares)
  • Real estate (virgin land and real estate investment trusts)
  • Agriculture (agritech and direct farm investments)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Export
  • Venture funding

b. How to conduct due diligence on investment opportunities.

c. The five-year model for creating wealth. 

d. How to develop an investment plan.

You may watch the videos for up to 8 weeks.

2. My Chat Group 

  • Ask questions and discuss what you’ve learned. Also, learn about my personal portfolio and some of the investment platforms I use.

Investment Templates 

  • During my course, you will receive an investment plan template and other useful resources to help you on your investment journey.

First Crack at Investment Opportunities 

  • When you take my Investment Course, there’s an option to join my private investment cooperative, where you will receive emails any time I find exciting investment opportunities. You may also invest in member-only deals. 


  • My course materials and videos are mailed to participants the first week of the month. Our chat discussions take place the third weekend of the month (6pm-8pm WAT). For flexibility, you can review the thread at any time for up to 8 weeks.

Payment Information 

Introduction to Investing in Nigeria is N20,500. Please register here. 

Seven Investment Options in Nigeria is N20,500. Please register here. 

Course Bundle: Courses One + Two is N31,000. Please register here. 

Your payment will be acknowledged in 24 hours.

If you experience difficulty with the payment platform, pay directly to Stanbic IBTC 0021478270 and then email your transaction receipt and WhatsApp number to: me@subomiplumptre.com. Please state which course you paid for in your mail. For international payments, kindly request for my PayPal details by email.  Your payment will be acknowledged in 24 hours.

Thank you. 

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