Investment Courses


Although my investment knowledge will remain free on social media and on my website, some people have asked me to go deeper. They want to know where I personally invest, and the companies & professionals I use. They would like my help in designing personal or family investment plans. They have questions and would like one-on-one discussions. That is why my Investment Course was created.

During the course, I will share information that is not available to my online audience. I will also provide hands-on advice. Here’s what you will get in more detail:

1. Instructional Videos That Cover the Following:

  • Foundational principles of investing
  • Three investment indices you should track regularly
  • How to set up an investment account
  • Important documentation you will need for investing
  • Professional advisors you will need
  • Information on the different areas you can invest in including, Treasury bills, money market funds, stocks & shares, real estate, agriculture, cryptocurrency, export and venture funding
  • How to start investing

You will have access to the videos, a week before interactive WhatsApp discussions and a week after.

2. Access to my Whatsapp Group

  • Over a 3-day period, I will share my personal investment mix and reveal the platforms and institutions that I use. You will be able to ask questions.

3. International Investment Opportunities

  • During the WhatsApp discussions, I will spotlight international investment opportunities, for those who desire dollar denominated income. I will provide capital market and real estate opportunities abroad. I will also explain the benefits of investment based residency/second citizenship.

4. Support Emails

  • After the 3-Day Whatsapp engagement, I will be available over a one-week period to review your investment plan. Feel free to use this time to ask more questions, seek clarification or watch the videos again.

5. First Crack at Investment Opportunities

  • Those who take my Investment Course have the option of joining an exclusive investment pool. You will receive emails any time I find exciting investment opportunities, and you can invest in member-only deals.

Payment Information

The cost of taking my Investment Course is N20,500 and takes place in the first or second week of every month. You will be added to a class based on your payment date. Please register here. If you experience difficulty, you may pay directly to GTBank 0222789689 and then email your transaction receipt and WhatsApp number to: For international payments, you may request for my PayPal details by email.

Thank you.