I need to clear the air here.

In an age where many seek attention or validation on social media, we are not used to people genuinely sharing their hearts. It is assumed every social media post is carefully crafted to elicit a response or to gain popularity and followership. But, I have an offline life.

There is very little that social media will give me by way of validation, that I do not already have. Don’t get me wrong. I love to read the responses to my posts. I like the engagement. I appreciate the community. These things satisfy my intellectual curiosity and meet my desire for alternative views. They greatly reduce my loneliness.

As to the topics I write about – they are the things I’m dealing with or thinking about. Some are even random. Unlike a typical blogger who writes for a living, I do not need to be topically diverse for entertainment or enlightenment. I reserve the right to write a lot or a little. It is my social space and it is a choice whether to read my writings or not.

Finally, I am neither motivational speaker nor self help expert. If you desire a mentor, I may be the wrong person. I write for myself, first and foremost. It is my form of public therapy and anytime I find something that eases the sorrow in my head, I use it.