Know Your Business Strengths

by Subomi Plumptre

You must come to terms with your business strengths and then, collaborate to solve your weaknesses.

For instance, my specialisation is services not products, quality not quantity. I love to develop ideas & products and to prototype them. I see them to the point of profitability, but I’m terrible at scaling them. Once operational details & minutiae emerge, I lose interest.

I love to train people, document processes (to eliminate key man risk) and design HR systems. But, I dislike recruitment, staffing and other administrative parts of HR Management.

I love identifying, analysing and doing preliminary due diligence for investment opportunities. But, I dislike financial modelling and contracts development. I can run numbers, but it takes me longer than most people. Math was never my strong point.

Whenever I sit on a Board or collaborate on ventures, I play to my strengths. That’s the only way I can give full value. I also ensure the team comprises people who can do the things I don’t do well.

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