My Life Pattern


When I think of the money I spend on knowledge, I shudder. From books to courses to training, I love to learn and I have studied how knowledge aligns with my life pattern.

There’s a book I read that said, if you study your life, you will see patterns in how God deals with you. In my case, I discovered that every major “breakthrough” I’ve experienced, was as a result of a job recommendation by a friend or family member, or a direct outflow from attending a course or reading a book. Without fail. Every single one.

Nowadays, I do not run from helter to skelter looking for ways to “hammer”. I have studied my life pattern and I simply respond to it.

When I heard about Chester Bennington's death, I was numb (pun intended). I care very
Purpose is giving what you have to God. There are some people who will make
In my life, there is a very clear difference between happiness and peace. Fulfilling purpose
I believe the purpose of riches (and its multiplication through investment) is to build something

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