Waking Thoughts 23: Grudges


Why do people keep grudges? I can understand taking time to get over betrayal or abuse. You need time to heal. But why do people remember things like, “They didn’t greet me in the morning”, “They insulted me on social media”, “They gossiped about me”…

Aren’t you busy? Don’t you have a job? Isn’t your life too full for inanities?

I multitask so much that I have limited mental space. I forget unimportant things quickly to make room for new thoughts. I can’t afford to remember slights or keep grudges for my heart would be a dark place if I did.

I believe people should forget the good they do too. While expecting appreciation isn’t a bad thing, you must never have an attitude of doing anyone a favour. Serving is a privilege and blesses you too. God will remember your good works. The one who never forgets will reward you.

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I am in a strange bed in a strange house with a strange man. I
People hurt you. People you love. Your parents, an old boyfriend or girlfriend, a relative
I think it was Nicky Gumbel who said mankind has a universe craving for forgiveness.
If you've ever struggled with guilt and condemnation or would like to understand grace, you

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