How I Write

I write in different ways but each one is preceded by thought. I typically have an idea for a piece while doing something else. I start thinking about something random or related and then it occurs to me, “This can be an article!”

I put down the points (or a working title) in Evernote and leave them for a while. Sometimes if the idea is really strong, I’ll write the first paragraph in a flash of inspiration. Over the next couple of days, I’ll think about the thread in greater detail. I’ll begin to create the flow in my head. I rarely go back to Evernote until I’m ready to write the full article. Maybe I’ll add to the original list of points but I’ll ruminate on the topic until it’s fully formed in my head.

When I’m ready, I release all my thoughts into the article. I write with passion. I care about the things I write. I empty myself. I get really tired after writing, like energy has left me. I dislike research. Articles that require research sometimes take me months to complete. It’s why I’m not sure I can write a regular column. I would be constrained.

The articles I write immediately without rumination are scripted when I’m sad (or troubled). At that point, I need an outlet for the sad thoughts and negative energy and just write.

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