1. A conundrum is when the married man who wants to sleep with you happens to be married to your best friend.

2. Religion outside of real life does not work. A true relationship with God incorporates life’s issues. On some days I don’t feel like talking to God; days when life seems like a scene from the movie, Inception, a paradox inside a riddle. On those days, I let my silence speak instead; the aching sighs of my heart.

3. I learned something over dinner with a lovely Warri man – “In relationships, look well or else you’ll put on the wrong shoes. When the shoes become uncomfortable, you won’t be able to take them off because you’re in public.”

4. Sometimes you get frustrated when you do good and it doesn’t yield results. When this happens again and again, you can swing to the dark side, in anger. But even then, you still maintain a sliver of hope that someday you’ll be vindicated or pleasantly surprised.

5. Trying to understand why bad things happen to good people is an exercise in futility. It will bend your brain, break your heart and erode your faith.