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Unscripted is an insightful and humorous challenge to popular thinking. It is a deeply personal book about life, love, God, politics and everything in between.


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by Prof. Adebisi Afolayan, Bi-lingual & Multi-Cultural Linguist and Professor of English Language. on Subomi Plumptre
A very good writer

A good writer. A very good writer.This is a manuscript characterized by its varieties. In its contents, its presumed target readership and its adopted styles, it is clearly a bundle of varieties. In terms of its contents, it represents a variety of literary genres. Some of its parts read like an autobiography; some, like light entertainment; some, like a serious psychoanalytical essay; and yet others, like facetious tidbits.Correspondingly, the discernible target audiences are varied. Undoubtedly, the youths are presumed, but they are not of a single dye. Some seem to be those who are seriously inquisitive to learn new facts of life, which, presumably the experienced and well-read author who is one of them, will dish out to them. At the other extreme are those who desire and enjoy sexual adventurous experiences. Similarly the adults are not excluded from the target readership. They too belong to two different groups. There are those adult readers that could find parts of the manuscript compelling them to read through and reflect. On the other hand, there are those who, though fascinated by some of its portions, would dismiss it as something too slight for concentrated attention.To match the various contents and target readership the styles are varied. There is the informal American chatty colloquialism sticking out throughout. But there is also in several places what could go for British literariness: Prose and poetic qualities exist side by side.It is incontestable that the young author herself seems to be fully aware of the varieties of contents, target audiences and styles. That explains her presentation of the table of contents under disclosures and free styles (more poetic and shorter pieces).Particularly in respect of the target readership, there are two shortcomings of the manuscript. Although the youths constitute the target readership, only those conversant with American chatty colloquialism will be at home reading it. What is more, the range of vocabulary in the manuscript is higher than what to expect from most Nigerian youths. There seems, therefore the need for a more subdued style. On the other hand,with the present style and vocabulary range, it would seem that those who can cope with the manuscript might find it rather slight. A longer piece marked by subdued vocabulary is bound to expand its acceptability, reflected in optimum sale as a finished product to include as buyers those youths with secondary school-level English mastery.

by Mrs. Phebean Ajibola Ogundipe, Renowned Educationist and Author, Brighter Grammar and New Practical English on Subomi Plumptre
Brilliant book

“I think it's brilliant. It's a pleasure to read writing by someone who obviously has talent, has something to say, and has the language to say it in. And who writes beautiful freestyle poetry in addition.”The title and the language?   This reader was at first taken aback by the language, which to my generation of readers would have seemed at best irreverent, and at worst, in one or two places, pornographic. But then I thought that perhaps this was really the result of the generation gap - I wondered if the writer’s own generation would find the language odd, or shocking at any point – and if, as I am beginning to suspect, they wouldn’t, then I should accept it, as the target for the material is the writer’s generation, not mine, though readers of my generation who are book lovers and have a catholic taste in books will find the material interesting though a little outspoken in some places, as I did.The style? Refreshing, and makes good reading. The poetic pieces that punctuate thematerial – headed ‘Freestyle’ – are good pieces which fit in very well with the rest of the writing. The writer’s command of language is that of a well-read, articulate, clear thinker with a gift for appropriate words and expressions.The length?Definitely too too short to be called a book. One bare hour was all it took to read, and although there’s nothing to say written material has to be any particular length to be called a book, the writer needs to look at all the problems surrounding bringing such minuscule material to publication. To the reader, it seems like a tantalizing bite of what the writer can do; but a bite is not anywhere near as satisfying as a meal. The writer may have to find a lot more to say if she wants people to give time to reading her ‘book’, after she and others have given time and effort to bringing it to the readers’ notice by publishing it.

by Victor Oladokun, Managing Producer, Turning Point, U.S.A on Subomi Plumptre
Very Creative

You have created a commentary on life, Nigeria, people and yourself that is witty, thoughtful and provoking. You think at a deep level and this is reflected in your writing and musings. It is evident that you own a great sense of commentary. You are insightful and have a lot more on the inside of you that is waiting to come out. May your writings be an inspiration to others and a great cathartic experience for you!I wish you all the best with the publication and Vol. 2.It seems to me you are part social commentator, philosopher and poet. There were a few poems I particularly liked. Very original, evocative and powerful. You may want to publish or submit for publication a series of poems as a separate compilation. Maybe Vol.3?