Hello. In these uncertain times, you’re probably concerned about the global impact of Covid-19. It’s affecting health, family, socialisation and the economy. I would like to address some of the issues professionally.

Beyond what I am already doing altruistically, I understand some people need concrete advice on how they can protect their wealth and maintain emotional stability. So, I have decided to host a webinar at 10am to 1pm WAT on Saturday, March 21. This will be done in conjunction with Oyinkansola Alabi of Emotions City. The webinar will be recorded, for the benefit of those who can’t join live. You may also email questions in advance.

Here’s the full curriculum:

  • Dollar denominated investment options for Nigerians
  • Rewarding Naira investment options
  • Hedging against inflation & currency risk
  • Accessing global markets
  • Conducting due diligence & analysing investments
  • Remaining emotionally stable in an unstable world
  • A game plan for multiplying personal and professional influence

Please register here to be given log in details to the webinar. If you miss this webinar, you may take my full online course here.

Thank you.

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