An older friend told me to be careful about experimentation. We were speaking about extreme alternative sex and he recognised the curious nature of my personality. He said that the mind is very elastic. If you do something once, the mind sees it as a crossed boundary and shifts to accommodate more.

It’s the same when we lose our virginity. We believe that since we’ve crossed a threshold, we might as well keep having sex. It’s a trick of the mind.

If you are going to Lagos Island and you find yourself at Mile 2, depending on how far you’ve gone, you do one of two things. You either make a u-turn and retrace your steps till you get to the right route or you take a turn that gets you on the right road. It never occurs to you to keep going because you’re already headed in the wrong direction.

According to my friend, what commonsense tells you while driving should apply to your life.

There is nothing like the “point of no return” as long as you are alive, my dear. Stories change all the time. Some even have multiple instalments or take sharp diversions when new characters are introduced.

You can take a turn today to get on the right road. Move now.

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