I’ve studied all the ‘Christian arguments’ about divorce. This is my submission and personal opinion.

If Jesus truly likens ‘divorce’ to the ‘sin’ of adultery, then ironically, he says the same thing about looking lustfully at a woman or man! He forgives both. Move on.

If Jesus readily forgives you of ‘lookery’, why do you have a hard time ‘forgiving’ those who divorce? Are you in any position to judge?

Jesus is concerned about attitude; people treating marriage as a revolving door that can be conveniently entered in and out.

He seeks to protect people from being used. He recognises the hardness of the human heart. That’s why Moses gave a less than ideal ‘way out’.

It’s interesting that Jesus seemed to be advocating more for women to be treated justly than anything else. He was concerned about people being used & abused.

(Extends to men too). It is amazing how people prefer to sentence others to a life of misery because of a mistake by advocating for no remarriage after divorce.

No one comes out of a divorce without scars. Love teaches that we should tend the scars first before having difficult conversations.

For every assumed ‘public’ sin, God highlights a ‘private’ equivalent to shut up self-righteous people. So those who call abortion murder for e.g, should think of the times they’ve committed murder in their hearts by hating others.

Ultimately, no human being can set himself up as judge and jury over another’s life. Look to your own life and the people under your own authority.