The Man Died

I watched a man die yesterday.

He was a pedestrian with bad timing, who crossed a busy interstate road. He was hit by the car in front of me.

A few thoughts struck me, after I jolted myself from the incredible shock and sorrow.

When the pedestrian and driver made plans for the new year, neither of them thought his life would take a dramatic turn, just a few weeks before. Life is a privilege and not a right. Death unexpectedly happens to both the good and wicked.

The driver impressed me with his nobility though. In a country where people flee the scene, to avoid being summarily tried by passers-by and the Police, the driver waited. Even though there were no law enforcement agents around and he could’ve made a quick getaway, he stopped, got out of the car and waited with the body. Perhaps, history will vindicate him and his conscience will be kind to him in future.

As you make plans in life, please consider writing a will. No one knows tomorrow. Many assets are now managed online, so please collate your log in information and place it in a safe deposit box or encrypted file. Leave instructions in your will, stating how your executors may access it. Update your next-of-kin on all assets and accounts to feature your spouse or children. If you are divorced, remove your ex as your next-of-kin.

Finally, please maximise whatever time you have on earth. Repair broken relationships, forge new ones, take God seriously, give and make an impact. May the world remember your name.

Life is a privilege not a right. Death unexpectedly happens to both the good & wicked. Click To Tweet Maximise life. Repair relationships, take God seriously, give and make an impact. Click To Tweet

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