Everyone has one. A list of things they’ll do in a heartbeat if they won the million dollar lottery.

It’s a selfish list. It’s not the what-i-would-do-to-change-the-world-if-i-had-a-million-dollars list. That’s another list entirely and I have one of those. This is a purely avaricious list. It’s the what-indulgent-impracticable-and-unneccessary-thing-would-i-do-if-i-had-a-million-dollars list. It’s just that I’ll need much more than 10 million.

So, here goes my list:

1. I would record and distribute a song written by Dianne Warren

2. I would buy that bad-ass Ducati

3. I would buy a sustainable farm in a genteel country with a helicopter for my city-farm commute

4. I would buy a significant stake in a media empire. I wouldn’t want to own it; just control it

5.I would go on a shopping spree that will make Paris Hilton jealous

6. I would finally take that Europe yacht tour and that American road trip.

Now, seeing that I really don’t have much more to add to the selfish list, let me present my what-i-would-do-to-change-the-world-list.

1. Endow a foundation solely focused on developing and implementing strategies for Teacher Training and Supply in Nigeria

2. Endow a foundation solely focused on developing, empowering, sponsoring and sustaining Politicians, Technocrats and Political Parties with values, ideas and clear agenda

3. Endow a foundation solely focused on helping the ‘forgotten’ – those people that are left for dead on bridges and street corners

4. Endow a foundation solely focused on promoting and distributing the best, most creative, values based media content there is

5. Endow a foundation solely focused on creative social enterprise

6. Endow a foundation solely dedicated to cultural & religious understanding, inter-tribal marriage and inter-tribal/faith dialogue

7. Endow a foundation solely dedicated to infrastructural development and support in Nigerian States