I’ve decided to do a blog series about my journey of discovery with God. About 15 years after I first got to know him, I’d had enough of 2nd hand Christianity. You know the kind where God is referred to in reported speech or patiently explained to you. I didn’t want to know the God in church, books or choruses anymore. I needed to know him for myself, talk to him, ask him questions, relate with him. I wanted to be the author of those books and choruses – telling experiential stories of what God had done and who he was. You see I was bored with the routine church going, though I was still enamoured by the Word. Maybe it was because I never really knew why we went to church in the first place or why it had the structure it did. (I mean I knew the scripted reason, but didn’t really ‘get’ it. And anyway, school church was so much more fun and real.) So, I began a journey of discovery. Coincidentally my greatest epiphanies occurred during periods of great crisis. This blog series will seek to share those insights. In some places, the actors will be referred to obliquely (as I’m not sure they’d like their names in the social media space). Follow me as I share. Thia is My Story. This is My Song.