Focused Wealth

I have a diverse network, thanks to social media. I know incredible people that I first met online. Some of them are accomplished investors. There’s a gentleman who’s focused on venture funding in the renewable energy sector. My eyes glaze over when he goes on and on about turbines, solar panels and the projects he’s[…]

Don’t Wait Too Long to Create Wealth

Dear friends, if you recently graduated, or have worked for less than 10 years, you should know a few things. Nigeria is hard and few people will give you free access to wealth creation opportunities. You also have the “cabal” and the system to contend with. If you are not corrupt, you will be hard-pressed[…]

Four Thoughts on Investment

1. There’s a HUGE market for investment managers who can help the nouveau riche to grow their wealth. If you worked hard for your wealth and did not steal it, you understand the need to grow it. You must do so to maintain your lifestyle, when you can no longer work as energetically as you[…]