48 Laws Of Power & Other Matters

I have met many who have lost their way in Nigeria. People who have given up on values and embraced manipulation instead. It would appear they share a few sentiments in common – anger, envy, bitterness and helplessness, closely followed by desperation and rebellion. The break down often starts like this: You do everything right,[…]


A while ago, Twitter was agog over an author who falsely accused a more accomplished one of plagiarism. After being caught in the error, she gave a grudging apology that smacked of desperate self-preservation. I think the enormity of her gaffe finally dawned on her and she sought a way out. Twitter gave her none.[…]


I watched the last five episodes of Scandal yesterday. I was really curious about how it would end. When the series began, I really liked it and then when the plot became overly complicated and the values became suspect, I stopped. I consume the arts primarily for inspiration. When they vex me more than they[…]

Do Not Pollute The Pool You Drink From

I have followed the online commentary about Big Brother Nigeria. Many people are either passionate about it or passionately against it. The consensus seems to be that while the values espoused on the show are extreme, it is a choice whether to watch it or not. I spent some time viewing the show yesterday and[…]


If you’re a soldier on the front line, one day, it will be your turn to shoot. You must have resolved your moral conflicts about killing before you get to that point. It’s the same with life. Values are decisions not reactions. You don’t decide not to steal at the point you have access to[…]