You Should Give Up

A friend recently wrote about the value of giving up. Sometimes, you do so to restrategise, or so you can live to fight another day. In the same week, another friend tweeted about his struggle to finish books and that he had many half-read tomes. I responded, “Life’s too short to finish a book that’s not[…]

Why am I Unhappy?

I’ve been unhappy for days. While I’m not gung-ho or happy-go-lucky, I have an equilibrium that has developed over years. When my parents died, God stood between me and my grief. I could sense him lurking about. His presence has a way of calming me. As I studied the Bible, I found daily devotionals formulaic,[…]


I was deeply unhappy for months. I wrote about it here. Recently, I read something that brought home a major cause of unhappiness in people’s lives – lack of progress. We have an image in our minds of what life should be. As long as we don’t seem to be moving towards that picture, we[…]