What Traveling Taught Me

Traveling has taught me so much. I once went on holiday in Zanzibar. During my stay, I joined a Blue Safari – a combination of beach bumming and snorkeling in the open ocean (followed by a calm lagoon). There I learnt to love my body. I saw women in bikinis and burkinis. I saw people[…]

Life Lessons from the Grand Canyon

I learnt a lot about life from hiking the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Hiking is not a competition. Go at your own pace. In national parks, there are so many routes: scenic, athletic, challenging, photographic, contemplative and lonely trails. Choose what works for you, based on how much time you have to explore and your[…]

Trip to Rome

In summer, Rome is wonderfully warm. A smorgasbord of art, architecture, history and food, it is expensive and a tad dirty. If you like art and food, you will love Rome. I particularly enjoyed its frozen delights – Gelato and fresh juices – and my walks through the Piazzas and narrow streets lined by cobblestones infused with basalt.[…]