You Need Values to Truly Succeed

Here’s what I learned in over two decades of running projects – many organisations underestimate the personal drive, loyalty and sense of responsibility that’s required for a successful venture. They assume process makes projects run. No. Character does. Projects are run by humans with value systems. In the same vein, many young people assume values[…]

Success is Christian

When some Christians say God’s measure of success is not man’s measure of success, it may be a cop out or excuse for mediocrity. Excellence and success are English words that have generally agreed meanings. When God was going to build the Tent of Meeting, he chose the very best craftsmen and poured out his[…]

10 Ways To Manage Success

I once wrote about how I mismanaged success. Having learnt from my mistakes, I would like to share some things that may help you, as you succeed. 1. Be careful about how you treat friends and old allies. As you grow busier, do not delegate a friend to your Personal Assistant to deal with. It[…]

Knowledge for Free?

I love to give away knowledge on social media. But I never give away my professional services or time for free. Never. I will say no faster than you can complete the request. This is because if I ever came to your store, you wouldn’t give me your goods for free. That said, I do not[…]

Success & Despair

1. Don’t despair. The fact that you exist means there are other people like you out there. But you may need to look beyond your immediate environment to find them. Move. 2. There’s an unfortunate attitude to success that I have noticed – you do not contribute to a person’s success, yet you dictate to[…]

Graduating Into Impact

In this lecture, I provide 5 nuggets for graduating students on the cusp of their careers and businesses. Download the lecture here.

Dream Technologies & Space Jumpers

I presented this once upon a time, at a Tedx event. Read, share and enjoy! Dream Technologies & Space Jumpers from Subomi Plumptre