Social Media Anarchists

I recently read Proverbs 6:16-19, where King Solomon described 6 things God hates. Verse 19 reminds me of some people on social media – “…a false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord in a family.” There are some on social media who love contention. They are anarchists who experience joy when[…]

The Social Media Prayer

Lord, please help people to find light on social media. Direct them to timelines of encouragement, inspiration and healing. May they encounter spaces of reason, intellect, imagination and possibilities. Father, deliver your children from content that is angry, profane and empty. Save them from compulsive consumption that leads to depression and hopelessness. Father, help someone[…]

Love Not Fight

If you follow Humans of New York, by now you’re aware that there is a constant battle between Atheists and Christians. On Nigerian social media, it’s similar to the scrimmage between the APC and PDP political parties or between Feminists and Traditionalists. It’s a battle of ideas and dominance – each side devoting more energy[…]

Social Media Mob

Let me teach you something about building a reputation, in the age of social media. Make sure enough people know you in real life. People who can testify about what you stand for and attest to your true character and values. This is because social media invents at least a couple of scandals a day.[…]

Switch Off!

Please take care of your head and heart. Before the advent of social media and mobile phones, we would receive bad news and negativity in small doses. Perhaps in the daily papers, on network news or in person. Our souls had time to process information and the space to heal. Now, we receive turmoil and[…]

It is Not Just “Social Media”!

I worry about social media feminism discussions. I used to wonder why some of the discussants devolve into personal insults when gender issues are discussed. After all, they are not related to the people they are arguing with, are not marrying them and may never even meet them. Then it hit me. If we discount[…]

Free Church Social Media Templates

Here’s a list of free resources you receive, when you buy a copy of my book, “Trinity Plan – A Three-Step Plan for Developing a Church Social Media Ministry”: 1. Social media implementation plan 2. Social media policy document 3. Social media budget template 4. Social media content calendar 5. Online counselling protocol document 6.[…]

About my Church Social Media Book

I was introduced to cashless banking, when I saw the first ATMs at Société Générale Bank, Lagos Island. Years later, Guaranty Trust Bank revolutionised banking in Nigeria, when it introduced Mastercard and ushered in simplified internet banking services. Today, this generation takes borderless banking for granted. While my first games included Monopoly and Whot, my[…]

Is Your Business Online Yet?

Recently, I heard my 5-year old nephew singing the GTBank *737# song. I asked where he’d heard it. For context, you should know that my nephew does not watch regular TV programming or listen to the radio. His parents have a Fire Stick so his media entertainment is streamed online. His response was, he heard[…]

Focus on the Bottom Line!

I once shared that I switched careers from Research and Brand Consulting to Social Media Consulting. But I remain an Executive Director in charge of HR & Knowledge. This gives me a unique perspective. Media content is expensive; maybe not always materially so, but it takes time to create and so, there’s an opportunity cost.[…]