You Are Enough

You should stop trying to be someone else. Let it go. That unrealistic target is not happening. Become the best you instead. Who said you aren’t enough? Who said you aren’t sexy, intelligent, cool or desirable? Who you are is glorious. Your life stands for something. You are important enough to exist. You are significant[…]

How You Walk Into a Room

You stride in like the space and everything in it belongs to you. You walk into the room oblivious about everything and everyone but the purpose for which you came. You walk in, adjusting your ill-fitting clothes. You walk in, shy and self-conscious, looking down, until you almost trip over something. You walk in flaunting[…]


I have noticed three interesting types of insecurity. There’s the instance when an insecure person seeks to make others insecure so they can feel better about themselves. They are constantly trying to fit people into boxes; bring them to their level or belittle them. There’s another I call, “smartest guy in the room syndrome”. You[…]