Unchoose Religion

Daughter: Daddy, the couple we just had dinner with; are they your friends? Dad: Yes, they are. Daughter: Are they good people? Dad: Yes, my child. Daughter: Respectable? Dad: Yes. If the two of them weren’t so, I wouldn’t have invited them into our home. Daughter: Do they practice any form of religion? Dad: Yes,[…]

A Flaw in Religion

A flaw in “religion”, is it seems to be designed for what people hope to be. It focuses on ideals, transformation and change. But, it appears to do a terrible job of dealing with people’s current realities and their every day struggles. Too many times, faith is used as a talisman to escape life. Thus, religion grapples with contemporaneous issues and[…]

Religious Envy

Let me teach you something about religious envy. The knowledge of God is supposed to bring out the best in people but for some, it produces personality dislocations, emanating from pride. Maybe it’s because God is the greatest personality in the universe, so in the same way that people freak out when they’re close to[…]

Cold Shoulder

Cold shoulder  – the fashion style not the attitude – is here to stay and I’m greatly enjoying the chagrin of the Sunday morality police. I love it when a generation figuratively gives the “middle finger” to “religion”. People come to church (and to Jesus) as they are and not how others want them to[…]

This Cursed Form of Christianity

I’ve been battling with Christianity for a while especially the fact that Jesus didn’t found the “religion” called Christianity in the first place. From my limited understanding of scripture, I see that Jesus came to help us forge a direct relationship with God which supersedes the Law of the Old Testament. He came to help us build lives dedicated[…]