My Love Language

Today, I had a startling insight. My love language isn’t gifts. It’s quality time and words – unhurried conversation and words of affirmation. The type of conversation where you’re falling asleep, but I keep plying you with coffee because I’m enjoying your company so much. My attraction for a person seems directly proportional to the[…]

Learn to Walk Away

Three years ago, two quotations redefined the nature of my friendships. It was the year I decided I couldn’t get along with a passive-aggressive person in intimate quarters. I would not accept an adult who uses silence, moods, records of wrongs and their own version of events as manipulative weapons in friendship. I can’t remember[…]

Friend Zone is Not a Dirty Phrase

In my experience, the “getting to know you” phase ends very quickly in Nigeria, when there’s no sex on the table. Conversation either stops completely or in some rare cases, morphs into a refreshing friendship or business relationship. Amazing what happens when sex isn’t the only thing doing you. I don’t know if the universe[…]

Beard Gang Fall On Me

One of the most powerful triggers for infidelity is the intrinsic human desire for newness. It’s called the Coolidge Effect. According to Wikipedia, the Coolidge Effect is a phenomenon seen in animal species whereby males (and to a lesser extent females) exhibit renewed sexual interest if introduced to new receptive sexual partners. Simply put, humans[…]