Pay Attention to How Customers Use Your Brand

Two years ago, I read an article about the media company, ABC. They discovered that a significant number of viewers watched their hit show, Scandal, while concurrently tweeting about it. I discovered a similar phenomenon, when I watched the live broadcast of The Experience Lagos concert, on YouTube. For some reason, instead of watching the[…]

Build It And They’ll Come

Unless your name is Steve Jobs, “Build it and they’ll come”, is not a viable product development strategy. That a business looks good in your head, does not mean it will play out in the real world. That’s why it’s always good to lay out the concept in documents, feasibility plans, focus groups and pilots. It’s also[…]

Just for the Heck of it!

If you run a business, every now and then, you may be tempted to develop a new product. Maybe it’s the thrill of trying something new or a hunt for new income. Whatever the motivation, it helps to clearly define your reason for developing the product, as there are financial implications. Project managers call this definition the[…]