God Let’s Talk For A Minute

When I ask you for healing, I don’t want to feel like a beggar, God. I don’t want to plead or to be at the edge of my seat, in hope. Children don’t beg their fathers for life. Treats maybe, but not permission to live. Lord, when Jesus shed his blood and exchanged his for[…]

When God Does Not Answer Prayers

In a previous article, I wrote about the confusion and betrayal I feel when God is silent in the midst of trouble. I wondered why God doesn’t answer some prayers and why he doesn’t answer all the time. I read Apostle James’ essay on how we do not receive answers when we pray amiss. But[…]

Struggling to Pray

A few years ago, my church at the time chose to focus on prayer. For some months, we would meet every day for about three hours to pray. I would typically make it for three or four days in the week. At first, I struggled. Formal prayer isn’t my thing. But by the time I[…]

What if?

You don’t pray because you think, “God is not listening. He doesn’t care. He won’t answer.” You say, “I’m unworthy. I’m a sinner. It’s too big. It’s impossible or highly unlikely. The process is too complex. He hasn’t done it for anyone I know before.” But what if none of these things was true? What if God loved you and was[…]