No One Will Fix Nigeria For Us

Sometimes when I’m very ill, I have terrible dystopian dreams. I visualise war and intense violence. I have hallucinations. When I wake, I imagine I’m still in the world created by my dreams. Now that the episodes have occurred a few times, my rational mind recognises that world is not real. I know that once[…]

My Rights and Yours

In society, rights inevitably overlap and clash. Simple illustration: you have the right to put a TV programme on the air if you tick the proper regulatory boxes. Similarly, I have the right to lobby to take it off the air if I tick the right legislative boxes. We are both exercising our rights, albeit with[…]

Nigerian Marshmallow

James Clear wrote about The Marshmallow Experiment. The experiment began by bringing children into a private room and placing a marshmallow on the table in front of them. At this point, the researcher offered a deal to the child – he was going to leave the room and if the child did not eat the[…]

Limitations of Political Choice

I am truly saddened by the current political turmoil in America. More so because goings on in the US have outsized impact on the rest of the world. A nation that practices democracy must accept that they are constrained by whoever makes himself/herself available and by whichever party better facilitates an acceptance of its rhetoric[…]

Social Elections

According to Wikipedia, in 2014, India held the largest-ever election in the world. With 814.5 million people eligible to vote, about 23.1 million or 2.7% of them were aged 18–19. The percentage election turnout was 66.38%, the highest ever in the history of Indian general elections. As you may know, the National Democratic Alliance led by the Bharatiya Janata[…]

Who Will Go For Us?

My generation is becoming very political (or maybe the privileged young elite finally realised there is something deeply troubling about Nigeria.) To be fair, we’ve always participated in Student Unions. We’ve played our ignominious part as political thugs during elections. We’ve actively commented on political affairs in beer parlours and on social media. Some of[…]

The 20 Laws of Nigerian Politics

Understanding Nigerian politics requires a grasp of the following: Almost every power play is executed through proxies, many times without the direct knowledge of the Principal. Proxies are supremely powerful; getting away with murder in the name of the Presidency, ex-Presidents, Ministers, wives of elected officials & political appointees and so on. Politics is mostly about power[…]

The Leaders and Citizens Nigeria Needs

My generation does not need perfect leaders. We need leaders who are competent and have genuine compassion. Leaders who treat citizens like human beings with a right to life and happiness. We need authentic leaders who have demonstrable past achievements. And, we need leaders who know how to build bridges between competing interests and national priorities.[…]