Some Lessons About Money

Money is not meant to be kept in a bank account (besides running expenses). It’s either supposed to be actively working to create wealth or to positively impact the world. Those that are wealthy and happy know this. Money is a means to an end. The reason why many malfunction when they see money is,[…]

You Need Values to Truly Succeed

Here’s what I learned in over two decades of running projects – many organisations underestimate the personal drive, loyalty and sense of responsibility that’s required for a successful venture. They assume process makes projects run. No. Character does. Projects are run by humans with value systems. In the same vein, many young people assume values[…]

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

It’s so difficult to explain to folks that money doesn’t guarantee happiness. The typical response is, “Let me make money first, so I can find out.” Happiness lies in relationships – with friends, family, society and God. That feeling of being valued, understood and recognised for who you are. People rarely tell you that money[…]

Don’t Wait Too Long to Create Wealth

Dear friends, if you recently graduated, or have worked for less than 10 years, you should know a few things. Nigeria is hard and few people will give you free access to wealth creation opportunities. You also have the “cabal” and the system to contend with. If you are not corrupt, you will be hard-pressed[…]

Four Thoughts on Investment

1. There’s a HUGE market for investment managers who can help the nouveau riche to grow their wealth. If you worked hard for your wealth and did not steal it, you understand the need to grow it. You must do so to maintain your lifestyle, when you can no longer work as energetically as you[…]

Two Principles of Money

Let me share two principles of money with you: 1. If you don’t plan for money, when it comes, you will waste it. Money has a way of creating mass confusion, especially when you’re not used to it. Wealth can quickly lead to option paralysis, followed by greed. While you’re young, develop a list of[…]

Little Man

Let me share something about investing. In any investment scenario, the little man – the retail investor – always gets the shorter end of the stick. It’s just the way it is. Bulk money commands a higher investment premium than little sums. This is why investment clubs and mutual funds were created – to pool[…]

How to Invest One Million Naira

Since I published my article titled, Money: What I Wish I Knew 15 Years Ago, some people have asked the question, “Subomi, how can I invest 1 million Naira?” Now, I have a detailed video & Whatsapp course which addresses this question. However, in this article, I will provide some answers. As usual, I speak from personal[…]

Money: What I Wish I Knew 15 Years Ago

Following the recent economic upheavals in Nigeria, many have desperately searched for ways to “hammer”. Some have become unfortunate victims of get-rich-quick schemes. I decided to write this article to capture what I wish someone had taught me about money, fifteen years ago. 1. Money is seasonal; it comes and goes. This is not my[…]

Can You Afford It?

Yesterday, I had an epiphany. If I can’t afford to replace something if it gets destroyed, then I really can’t afford it. (This of course, does not take into consideration the fall back value of insurance.) I can’t afford a car, if I don’t have the funds to make basic repairs, in the event of a fault.[…]