Ask Me Anything Part 2

I did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter. Here’s the continuation of the transcript. You may read part one here. Q: What keeps you motivated? A: Fear of poverty helps. I discovered that money can buy me the freedom to do what I really love, instead of what I need to do to[…]

Ask Me Anything Part 1

I did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Twitter. Here’s the transcript. Q: What’s the most important advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur starting his/her first business? A: Start early. Build your seed investment from your first job or from parents/friends and start early. Q: What are the things you wish you had[…]

We Must Produce the Next Generation of Leaders

When I began working, I took a career personality test called Creatrix Inventory. It revealed I was a Practicalizer. A Practicalizer loves to get things done. But, in a bid for speed, they sacrifice excellence on the altar of good. So, they fall short of true brilliance. A few years after, I repeated the test.[…]

MVPs of Entrepreneurship

I like systems. I want to understand how things work, so I can customise, scale and adapt them. In the same vein, I seek to understand how industries work. Once I understand the fundamentals of an industry, I can decide how to play in it for profit. This year, I became fascinated by a few[…]


Mentoring. The silver bullet that will solve all your problems. The magic elixir that will bestow all knowledge. The master key that will give you business access. Until you realise mentors have their own problems. And, there is no free lunch.