You are free in Christ. So many doors are open to you. Opportunities. Experiences. No one is holding you. There is liberty. But there are some experiences that are not worth having. They change your soul. You are like a finely constructed machine, constantly being programmed by media. And you have the capacity to install[…]

Generational Mandate for Christian Creatives

(Download a PDF copy of this article here) Media in this Generation Prosaically, media incorporates content and the distribution platforms that deliver content to the end user or consumer. It may be distributed experientially or through the use of remote technology. Generationally, the most relevant types of media to my discourse are powered by technology.[…]

God Needs you & so do I

I’m looking for people who are excited about using media to impact this generation. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m passionate about this and even developed a detailed slide deck on the subject here. I’ve decided to do something beyond just writing & delivering presentations and need your help. If[…]