The Love Prayer

Dear Father, please help us to value love. May we cherish it like a most precious thing. Expand hearts and renew minds to receive the capacity to preserve love. Give us the wisdom to defend love – from friends, family, convention and harmful ideologies. May we not be careless or treat that which is valuable[…]

Love Not Fight

If you follow Humans of New York, by now you’re aware that there is a constant battle between Atheists and Christians. On Nigerian social media, it’s similar to the scrimmage between the APC and PDP political parties or between Feminists and Traditionalists. It’s a battle of ideas and dominance – each side devoting more energy[…]

God Is Excited At The Thought Of You

There are two songs that I have on repeat – Cory Asbury’s Reckless Love and Steffany Gretzinger’s Pieces. These songs intrigue me because they speak about two sides of God’s love. Cory sings about redemptive love. It is the love that Francine Rivers tried to capture in her book, Redeeming Love. It says that no[…]

Stop Trying to Control God

As I grew up, I realised that God answers prayers, but not all the time. Then something struck me. I was spending a chunk of my life trying to control God; trying to develop a Christian formula that yielded predictable results. I wanted to input prayer, fasting, giving and good works, so the Christian processing[…]


This story is about love. My friend was in love with me but I didn’t know. He didn’t always love me. He wasn’t used to kindness you see, and that was his undoing. One day, he mentioned that he was feeling blue and so I decided to cheer him up. I invited him to a[…]

MMM and Love

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone about MMM (Mavrodi Mondial Movement) in Nigeria. The individual said it was akin to lottery or gambling. I once gambled at Montecasino in Johannesburg. Being the sharp Naija girl that I am, I stopped immediately I made a profit on my money. I see five clear distinctions between[…]

The One That Got Away

A few years ago, I was in a relationship with someone. My clearest memory of it; the recollection that is etched in brain matter was our first kiss. I remember because I had a funny thought while being kissed. It was like I stepped out of my body to watch the proceedings and the thought[…]

Of Old & New Things

I have an abiding love for crunchy granola that I cannot fully put into words. I’ve also eaten Nasco Cornflakes topped with granola for years. My love for some types of food is consistent. It mirrors the way I love people. If I love someone or something, my love grows, unless it’s spurned. I’m yet to[…]

After the Date

The most important part of a date for me, is when we linger after a meal or a movie. It’s the drink we have after the meal, or the long walk we take to nowhere. It’s the time spent in the car, quietly gisting, after the ride home. I wonder why some guys fix appointments for immediately[…]

Romantic ideology

So a guy asked me out exactly one week after our first meeting. I was not surprised. The record is 2 hours. Once upon a time, I would have shaken my head internally in bemusement. I once called a friend to lament – “How can a guy ask me out when he doesn’t know me?[…]