The Love Prayer

Dear Father, please help us to value love. May we cherish it like a most precious thing. Expand hearts and renew minds to receive the capacity to preserve love. Give us the wisdom to defend love – from friends, family, convention and harmful ideologies. May we not be careless or treat that which is valuable[…]


This story is about love. My friend was in love with me but I didn’t know. He didn’t always love me. He wasn’t used to kindness you see, and that was his undoing. One day, he mentioned that he was feeling blue and so I decided to cheer him up. I invited him to a[…]

MMM and Love

Yesterday, I had a conversation with someone about MMM (Mavrodi Mondial Movement) in Nigeria. The individual said it was akin to lottery or gambling. I once gambled at Montecasino in Johannesburg. Being the sharp Naija girl that I am, I stopped immediately I made a profit on my money. I see five clear distinctions between[…]