Subomi, Do You Cook?

“Sho, do you cook?” my date asked. I replied jauntily, “I used to but not anymore. I now have access to a chef and can afford to order what I like eating.” My date followed up by asking, “If your boyfriend asked you to cook for him, would you?” I grinned, as I realised my[…]

I Need to Make Progress

God, I need to make progress. I want to press forward. I am tired of standing still. I am weary of hoping for the best. I no longer want frenetic activity with no result. I don’t want to be like a swimmer who flails around with no forward movement. I need change. God, show me a[…]

Everyone has a Story

Whenever I go walking, I catch glimpses of humanity. Two young girls who can’t be more than seven years old, walking to school. I say a prayer for their safety; that they may not discover the bad side of the world while they’re young. A man prayer-walking with a rosary in his hands. He combines penance[…]