You Can Be Introverted & Successful

I think it’s important to know that you can be deeply introverted like me, without being shy or self-deprecating. A long time ago, I realised that I would be poor and led by fools, if I continued to be shy. I needed to speak up about my ideas and ideology. I needed to be bold[…]

Business, Introvert Style

If you are an introvert, you would be hard-pressed to nurture business relationships & networks with emotions and small talk. Instead, grow them with usefulness and knowledge. Buy favour with competence and reliability. Gain leverage by doing things for people. Then cash in that leverage for personal benefit. Thank me later.

Introvert Rant

Extrovert, do me a favour please. Stop telling introverts that they’re too serious. How would you like it if I repeatedly called you unserious, irresponsible and lacking in future ambition for partying every night? Yeah, that’s how it comes across when you say the things you do. Being introverted is a personality. It’s not a[…]

Conversations with an Introvert

It can be frustrating being friends with an introvert. Sometimes it’s difficult to keep the conversation going or to get them to open up and share. At times, there’s even a worry that if the conversation isn’t flowing, something must be wrong. Perhaps the person doesn’t find you fascinating. Nothing could be further from the truth.[…]