Own Your Ideas

Sometimes when you’re in a brainstorm session at work, after many hours, an idea is finally adopted. To your surprise, it’s the same idea you mooted hours before that everyone ignored. Now the same idea has been selected but no one remembers you were the first person to raise it. You don’t receive the credit.[…]

You Will Have More Than One Idea

I spoke to a young man recently about a business proposition. He was more concerned about the money he would make, than the opportunities he would gain. I’ve also noticed that many entrepreneurs seem obsessed with people stealing their ideas. Some entrepreneurs assume they will have only one great idea in life. So, they guard[…]

Management & Other Matters

I have a few tips I would like to share today. 1. I never have a meeting with my direct reports unless they have a paper notepad and pen with them. (I prefer paper to electronic devices. When I need to review my direct reports’ notes, I won’t see things I’m not supposed to see.[…]