Money Cannot Always Buy Competence

Competence is the capacity to consistently deliver, without being micro-managed. But sometimes, it is assumed competence is about skills or attitude alone. No. It’s also about ideology and personal drive. The ideology behind competence is multifaceted. There’s fairness – the belief that one ought to do what one has been contracted to do. There’s righteousness[…]

You Need a Closer in Management

If you run a growing business that needs to hire middle-level managers, this is for you. Please look for people who have a combination of these qualities which cannot be taught or which only need to be taught once: Wisdom, political savvy, intuition, responsibility, drive, intellect and maturity. Beyond skill which you can pay for,[…]

Nigeria’s HR Problem is Your Problem!

On Nigerian Twitter, there’s always one controversy or the other, about the poor quality of Nigerian graduates and their misplaced sense of entitlement. May I offer a perspective? Perhaps the entitlement mentality of the younger generation, springs from seeing their forebears rewarded for patronage, ethnicity, nepotism and corruption; instead of hard work. The reasoning thus goes, “If[…]

HR Lessons from New Edition

I watched BET’s three-part New Edition series. It reminded me of the urban entrepreneurial scene in Nigeria – a world characterised by shaky partnerships, testosterone fueled decision making, poorly read contracts and few structured brand assets. It brought to mind that Nigeria has an HR problem. If you’re familiar with Nigeria, by now you know[…]

Hiring for Personality

The reason why the personalities of Nigerians seem more hardwired than in many other nations may be that culturally, we are resistant to change, innovation and youth independence. As a manager, you may be better off recruiting the right personality for each role than expecting people to change. It’s easier to teach a skill than to adjust a personality,[…]

The Nigerian HR Manager’s Dilemma

Nigeria has some of the hardest working young people on the planet. They are not lazy and have incredible odds stacked against them – our failing educational system and a lacklustre business environment. But sometimes, I see so much energy focused on “hustling” and less so on learning and accomplishing. I see a lot of data[…]

Hiring Staff

1. Reject lies. Don’t let them settle in your mind or heart. Consistently refute them. Speak truth to yourself constantly. 2. As much as possible, don’t make a concrete hiring decision until after a new staff undergoes a trial period. When he/she begins to execute tasks in real-time, it will be clear to you what you should pay[…]

HR: Cost or Asset?

As a company grows, sometimes there’s a subtle shift in the owner’s thinking. The entrepreneur begins to think of staff more in terms of cost than asset, as his wage bill rises. There’s health insurance, pensions payments, benefits & perks and more to consider. At the fledgling stages of a business, you may hear the[…]

Mind the 10-Year Gap

As an entrepreneur, you have about 10 years from the inception of your company, to create the next generation of managers. You must actively do this as a strategic imperative, if you hope to have peace and prosperity in your later years. I know succession planning can be unsexy and tedious, but if you fail to actively groom managers,[…]

How to Become a Manager

If you’re an aspiring manager in an organisation that believes in meritocracy, let me help you on your journey. Having risen from Trainee to Executive Director and Shareholder in my organisation, perhaps my observations and insights might be useful to you. See, 4 types of people make it to top management: 1. The Closer 2. The Meticulous[…]