Why You Need Health Insurance

My recent medical adventure means I’ve accessed healthcare in four countries, including Nigeria. Along the way, I have formed some personal opinions about healthcare in Nigeria. I suspect that when Nigerians say older doctors in Teaching Hospitals are the “best”, this is what they mean – the doctors have seen thousands of cases before, and[…]

On the Subject of Healing

One thing I struggle with, is the ratio of people who get healed supernaturally, versus those who are healed by medicine or those who eventually die. If we discount specific waves of the Spirit for a moment – the ministries of Kathryn Kuhlman and other documented faith healers – and instead, do a simple headcount[…]

God, I want my future back!

“God, I want my future back.” Those were the words I whispered to God, while I was going through the greatest health scare of my life. In the midst of the tests and various medical consultations, it occurred to me that my life had stopped. My symptoms limited my movements and where I could go.[…]