You Need Values to Truly Succeed

Here’s what I learned in over two decades of running projects – many organisations underestimate the personal drive, loyalty and sense of responsibility that’s required for a successful venture. They assume process makes projects run. No. Character does. Projects are run by humans with value systems. In the same vein, many young people assume values[…]

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

It’s so difficult to explain to folks that money doesn’t guarantee happiness. The typical response is, “Let me make money first, so I can find out.” Happiness lies in relationships – with friends, family, society and God. That feeling of being valued, understood and recognised for who you are. People rarely tell you that money[…]

What’s Your Life Script?

One thing I’ve learned from travelling is this: It is important to find out what makes you happy, early in life. It may end up being something boring or unsexy; adventurous or flighty. But find out. Life has so many options that if you don’t know what truly matters to you; you will become distracted[…]

Admit Your Unhappiness

I used to live on the Lagos Mainland while working on the Island. I left for work at 7am then 6am and finally 5am as the traffic situation got worse each year. A friend reminded me that I was addicted to Red Bull and coffee in those days. I rarely saw daylight. I would leave[…]

What Would you Give up for Happiness?

Happiness is counter-intuitive. It aspires to be found in the things you give away and not the things you amass. This makes nonsense of humanity’s grasping nature. I’m pondering the things we must give up for happiness. I am asking questions. Are you willing to give up your independence so the Holy Spirit can build[…]

Be Happy!

Happiness is a valid goal. It is neither soft nor flaky, but is the right of everyone who works hard and sows good seeds. For what is achievement without happiness? What is attainment without fulfillment? When the restlessness in your soul comes, when your accomplishments seem empty and pointless, when loneliness stalks you, and disillusionment[…]

The Important & Neccessary

The other day, I asked two questions on Twitter: “What’s the most important thing to you right now? What do you crave the most?” Many answers centred around family which I find very heartwarming. This is my top 10 list of the important and necessary. They are the things I need to function and live well. I[…]