Focused Wealth

I have a diverse network, thanks to social media. I know incredible people that I first met online. Some of them are accomplished investors. There’s a gentleman who’s focused on venture funding in the renewable energy sector. My eyes glaze over when he goes on and on about turbines, solar panels and the projects he’s[…]

I’m Focused Because I’m Tired

I am focused because I get tired easily. Emotionally tired. And so, I have learnt to conserve my energy for the things that truly matter. I am not an extrovert. I cannot summon energy at will. This means I rarely pursue more than a few things at a time. It also means by default, I’m[…]

London Escalator

We can apply the philosophy of the London escalator to life. If you are not in a hurry and do not wish to climb, you stay on the right side and allow the escalator to carry you at its own pace. On some days, you may choose to stay on the left; on other days[…]