Stop Trying to Control God

As I grew up, I realised that God answers prayers, but not all the time. Then something struck me. I was spending a chunk of my life trying to control God; trying to develop a Christian formula that yielded predictable results. I wanted to input prayer, fasting, giving and good works, so the Christian processing[…]

Study Notes: Romans 16

Romans 16 is a chapter of greetings and acknowledgements but tucked away, are important insights. The importance of unity, for instance. Unity is important in the body of Christ. The writer warns about people who stir up dissession and division. They are to be avoided. This is in addition those who perpetrate evil and are[…]

Hanging out with God

When I talk to people about God, I don’t do the “Jesus is the Son of God” spiel or try to explain doctrine. Doctrinal issues are so technical that even Nicodemus, a teacher of the Law found them difficult to grasp. Paul, who did his best to explain them also intellectually confounded Peter. God is[…]

Faith & Fear

I woke up with blinding insight. Negativity, sadness and defeatism are self fulfilling prophecies. You are despondent because things are not going well in your life; but things are not going well in life, BECAUSE you are despondent and never expect them to go well. Faith is productive energy. Fear is similar. Each produces after[…]

A Reminder

I wrote a note to myself during one of my darkest periods in life. It’s been over a year ago now. It was a reminder and still holds true today: “You have absolutely no idea how much God loves you. He’ll spoil you if you let him. Believe in him. Believe him. Focus on him. Centre your thoughts on[…]