Waking Thoughts 10: Innovation

1. The hallmarks of a premium product are flexibility, options, customisation and on-demand service 2. If you’re tired of coming second place, change the game. PepsiCo played second fiddle to Coca-Cola in the beverage industry but then they ventured into food. Today, according to Fortune, PepsiCo is the world’s 2nd most admired food company while-Coca[…]

10 Attributes of a Creative Company

Do you run or work in a creative company? Here are 10 core attributes I’ve developed to describe a creative organisation. You should rate your enterprise on each point. 1. A creative company is a hotbed of ideas. It’s at the edge of the innovation curve. It consistently creates and develops new content. 2. A creative company develops[…]


I love failure. It’s liberating and horizon expanding. I hate failure. It’s humiliating and demoralising. Nothing bitch-slaps humility into you like failure. For as long as I can remember, I’ve held one leadership role or another. In Primary School, I was class lead for Quantitative Analysis in Math Class, then in Secondary School, I founded our first[…]