The Evolving Church

I once wrote, “Jesus has never been intimidated by the questions of men. It is men who fear questions and conveniently stifle them with cries of blasphemy!” I’ve been thinking deeply about the current structure of the Christian church. I wondered why the Apostles set up the organisational structures they did – Deacons, Overseers and[…]

Generational Mandate for Christian Creatives

(Download a PDF copy of this article here) Media in this Generation Prosaically, media incorporates content and the distribution platforms that deliver content to the end user or consumer. It may be distributed experientially or through the use of remote technology. Generationally, the most relevant types of media to my discourse are powered by technology.[…]

Social Media & the Church: Urgent Imperatives

This presentation describes the importance of social media to the Christian Church. It puts forward arguments for engagement and demonstrates how churches can engage the public and spread the Good News using social media platforms. View it in landscape mode (flip your phone sideways). You may also download it here.

On Church

I write a lot in church. I tend not to waste the inspiration of the Holy Ghost immediately after worship. I also have a short attention span so it helps to write while the sermon is going on. It keeps me still. Sometimes I share the thoughts and convictions that come through those writings. The[…]