Crossover Christianity

In 1998, I knew there was something different about CeCe Winans’ Everlasting Love album. I’d never been a fan of gospel but, that album arrested me with its musical excellence. Today, I finally read the album credits. When I saw writing and production credits for Lauryn Hill, Tommy Sims, Keith Crouch and Tony Rich among[…]

I’m a Christian and I Enjoy Life!

It’s difficult for many to concatenate being Christian with enjoying life. Somehow we imagine one cannot be Christian and sexy, Christian and metrosexual, Christian and gourmand. When we are forced to make a choice, we either choose active Christianity and boring lives or passive Christianity and epicurean living. I am so alive. I am culturally[…]

Religion Is Not Required For Good Governance

I had lunch with my Pastor the other day. We discussed many things, including my growing skepticism about the traditional structure of church. I mentioned that I would no longer attend church regularly, as I took some personal time to examine my relationship with Christ, outside church walls. At some point in our lunch date,[…]

More on Retail Christianity

I love sci-fi. I believe in the inviolability of the human will. I don’t think God can be fully understood. He doesn’t seem restricted to labels or boxes. One thing that fascinates me about God, is his omnipresence. Just as God is developing a distinct history with me; he is chronicling another with someone in Germany[…]

Is the Bible a Problem?

I’ve been reading the Bible for a long time. Different translations. Several instances. I’ve come to an unsettling realisation that its interpretation, is shaped by intellect, context, culture, history, language, grammar and comprehension. These factors influenced the writers and impact the readers. A deeper layer is what happens, when those who read the Bible, cannot read[…]

We Cannot Ignore the Old Testament

I dislike religious platitudes. They are excuses that attempt to protect God’s image or rationalise his actions. If God is God, then we must accept him for who he says he is, even when the narrative is disturbing. The issue is, many times our understanding of God, is shaped by human writing and historical records.[…]

It’s Okay to ask God Questions

I am a Christian with many questions. Some of those questions centre on why there’s a dissonance gap between Christianity’s promises and its day-to-day reality. Why doesn’t God speak to everyone? Why is it difficult to hear from him? Why don’t we prosper commensurate to our hard work and giving? Why don’t we overcome evil[…]

“Being” Christianity

Building a relationship with God hasn’t been easy. Not at all. It was hard to understand that my life should be about relationship, not activity. No one taught me that. Instead, Christianity was presented to me as a list of activities – fasting, praying, attending church, preaching the gospel etc. I never learnt to spend[…]

Repping the Jesus Brand

In the Christian faith, Jesus Christ is said to be the epitome of wisdom, grace and perfection. By his Word, the world was created and intricately designed. He is excellent in thought and in deed. In scripture, Apostle Paul even encourages us to meditate on and fill our lives and hearts with the best of[…]

Retail Christianity

I strongly believe Christian churches should avoid the mistakes of consumer companies. Sometimes, these companies are so focused on the crowd, that they fail to see or meet the needs of individuals. They essentially operate a mass market model. In companies, the cost of cultivating a single customer or solving his complaints, can be so high, that[…]